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Control and Information System for Public and Private Petrol Stations POSWin

POSWin Environment – Sales on the Touch Screen

The POSWin control system is designed to control and manage all functions of the electronic pumps, level indicators and poles, and to provide sales of fuels, goods and services. System consists of the central control unit, color monitor (on which all the information necessary for the operation is displayed in detail) and the special keyboard with ergonomic placement of the keys. The forty-column printer is supplied for printing the receipts and the A4-format printer is used for printing the summary reports. The set can be equipped with the bar code reader, two-line customer display, cash register, magnetic card reader that is located directly inside the control keyboard, and the touch screen.

POSWin Environment – Monitoring of Tanks

The system is designed to sell the goods, services and fuels. This is the so-called random storage system (according to configuration, it is either the FIFO method or the method of average purchase price). Outputs from this system are used as documentation for administration of accounting. The system is divided into two basic tasks with regard to the control: sales via the cash register and the warehouse management administration. Both tasks can be performed on a single PC-based Point of Sale Terminal, and the more effective set consists of the PC-based Point of Sale Terminal and the back-office computer, where the system executes both tasks together and the cash register-based sales do not have to be interrupted. The system is designed to work with the Local Area Network computer system to secure an option of connecting more than one cash register or back-office computer in the bigger petrol stations. The system can be connected to the Outdoor Payment Terminals.

The POSWin control system is developed using the Delphi and SQL database environment called the Advantage Database Server (ADS).

The local computer network with the POSWin control system up to 10 computers does not require additional stand-alone computer acting as a server.

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